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Lundy & Friends - The Big Dawg Morning Show!

Wake up weekday mornings with Lundy & Frnds. Lundy & Frnds is the Big Dawg's morning show. Tune in for lots of music and fun. It’s the morning show that makes you feel like getting up in the morning. Call on our listener line at 252.985.3294 and be a part of the show. Let us know it’s your birthday and be a part of our Birthday Club. Lundy & Frnds, it’s lots of music and just enough talk to keep you smiling. The best way to wake up is with 98.5 The Big Dawg.

Ron Erick Lundy

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Each Saturday you can call in your items on the Flea Market here on Big Dawg 98.5.  And now you can BUY, SELL and TRADE every day of the week on our new Radio Classifieds!

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