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Bob Saget's Wife Kelly Rizzo Wishes Him Happy 66th Birthday

Bob Saget's wife, Kelly Rizzo is celebrating what would've been her husband's 66th birthday ... sharing a recent photo of the two with a sweet message. Kelly shared a pic of the two celebrating Bob's birthday one year ago in Mexico with the… ... Continue Reading

Kurt Busch's Wife Files For Divorce From NASCAR Star

Busch just released a statement on the matter ... saying, "I am heartbroken to confirm that my wife Ashley and I are working to dissolve our marriage. Divorce is a personal and private matter and I hope our privacy will be respected." Kurt Busch's… ... Continue Reading

UFO Hearing Underway, Jeremy Corbell Praises Officials' Seriousness

UFO expert Jeremy Corbell -- who's long been calling on the U.S. government to take UFOs seriously -- is ecstatic about the way Congress is tackling the issue in some high-profile hearings that are shedding a bit more light on the unexplained… ... Continue Reading

UFO Hearing Underway in Congress, Officials Call Them Security Threats

Congress is holding a hearing about unexplainable objects in the skies from experts who say they are baffled .... finally, after over 50 years, our government is taking UFOs seriously. A House panel is hearing from experts Tuesday on 144 UAPs --… ... Continue Reading

Amber Heard Addresses James Franco Visit During Depp Team Cross-Examination

Amber was just asked about a deposition she sat for years ago -- one which has been the subject of much speculation since it became public -- where AH appears to be smirking and rolling her eyes sarcastically as she listens back to audio of Johnny… ... Continue Reading

Amber Heard Grilled on Cross-Examination About Alleged Bottle Assault

Vasquez is bringing up journal entries Amber and Johnny entered following the Australia incident in March -- when they were on a "honeymoon phase" -- and it appears Amber admitted in writing to "her part" in whatever might've happened Down Under.… ... Continue Reading

Johnny Cash Silhouette on Water Tower Shot, Singer Appears to be Pissing

Johnny Cash is arguably the greatest country singer ever, so it was fitting for his hometown in Arkansas to put his silhouette on a water tower, but someone decided to enhance the image with a bullet, and the results are hilarious! The bullet hit… ... Continue Reading

'RHOC' Star Dr. Jen Armstrong Files for Legal Separation from Husband

It's splitsville for 'Real Housewives' star Dr. Jen Armstrong and her husband, she's pulled the trigger for legal separation. The plastic surgeon and 'RHOC' cast member filed docs last week in Southern California against her husband of nearly 8… ... Continue Reading

Tom and Chet Hanks Belt Out 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game' At Dodger Stadium

Tom and Chet Hanks had a blast at the Dodger game on Sunday ... belting out "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" together -- and TMZ Sports has the vid!! The Oscar-winning actor and his "White Boy Summer" son had a box seat for L.A.'s 5-4 win over the… ... Continue Reading

Tom and Chet Hanks Belt Out 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' At Dodger Stadium

Tom and Chet Hanks had a blast at the Dodger game on Sunday ... belting out "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" together -- and TMZ Sports has the vid!! The Oscar-winning actor and his "White Boy Summer" son had a box seat for L.A.'s 5-4 win over the… ... Continue Reading

Sarah Paulson Begging People to Help Find Dog and Dognapper

Sarah Paulson is super upset and on the prowl ... in search of her friend's missing pup, after she says it was stolen by a dog sitter. Sarah pled with her IG followers Monday to help her friend, Clementine Ford, whose dog, Winnie, just disappeared.… ... Continue Reading

Elon Musk Compares President Biden to 'Anchorman' with Teleprompter

Elon Musk says President Biden is a regular Ron Burgundy -- namely, the guy relies way too much on teleprompters ... so much so, in fact, that Elon thinks whoever runs it is in charge. The Tesla chief and Twitter-owner-hopeful took a shot at JB… ... Continue Reading

Buffalo Shooter's Gun Littered with Racist Writings

The man responsible for slaughtering 10 people at a Buffalo grocery store left no question ... his attack was racially motivated, as evidenced by the hateful messaging emblazoned on his gun. 18-year-old Payton Gendron descended on the Tops store… ... Continue Reading

Starbucks to Pay Travel Expenses for Employees Seeking Abortion

Starbucks in jumping into the Roe v. Wade fray by telling its employees the company will pay travel expenses for any staffer who has to travel more than 100 miles from home to get an abortion. A Starbucks exec put it this way ... "Like many of you,… ... Continue Reading

Steve Aoki Throws Horrible First Pitch At Red Sox Game, Worst Ever?

Steve Aoki might be able to throw a cake with pinpoint accuracy -- but he sure as hell can't do the same with a baseball, 'cause he absolutely airmailed the ceremonial first pitch at the Red Sox game on Monday night ... and it was truly awful. The… ... Continue Reading

Tupac Shakur's Makaveli Album Being Turned into NFT

The late Tupac Shakur's last studio album "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and it's being pushed into the digital world. That means creating an NFT -- non-fungible token -- from the original… ... Continue Reading

Bam Margera Completes One Year Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Bam Margera just reached a major milestone ... completing a 12-month treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse. The 'Jackass' star tells TMZ ... he just finished the year-long program in Florida, and for the next couple months he's going to… ... Continue Reading

Rapper Lil Keed Complained of Stomach Pain, Suffered Organ Failure Before Death

Lil Keed complained to his friends and family he was suffering from serious stomach pain in the days leading up to his death ... with things getting so bad he had to go to the hospital. Multiple sources close to Keed tell us ... the YSL label… ... Continue Reading

'Selling Sunset' Star Christine Quinn Hides Under Desk From Anti-Fur Protesters

"Selling Sunset" star Christine Quinn had her book signing highjacked by anti-fur demonstrators ... and video shows her hiding under her desk during the protest. She was about a third of the way through her Sunday book signing at Bookends Bookstore… ... Continue Reading

Joe Moses Says Young Thug's YSL Is Not a Gang on 'Its Tricky' Podcast

Young Thug's controversial YSL record label is far from a criminal organization, according to Joe Moses, who says YSL is a totally legit enterprise. The "Gang Bang" rapper, who's recorded several tracks with Young Thug, was adamant YSL is NOT a… ... Continue Reading